Global Warehousing

Warehousing is a key component of any supply chain and thus becomes an important aspect of our efficient logistics network. We understand its important to have ready goods available for delivery, closer to market. Hence our clients are offered warehousing facilities at Global locations. Our warehouses offer flexibility to increase or decrease footprint according to your business needs and seasonal demands.

Global Sourcing

Worldwide spread of CBT partners offers opportunity of sourcing goods as per customized requirement from reliable international sources. Our partners offer to supply directly from OEMs ensuring that the goods meet international quality standards. If you are looking to tap resources unavailable locally or want alternate vendor source which is competitive, CBT can offer you perfect solution.

Product Launch in Global Market

CBT offers a launch pad for domestic products looking for quick entry in to international markets. With a vast international business experience and knowledge of different markets, CBT can assist to place your product across functions and cultures in most effective way. We ensure shortest time to market your product in global areas of interest.

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